Modular Solar System


Does it really work?
Yes it does. Have a look at our video section

Can I fry or grill with SunGrill?
Yes. SunGrill is parabolic cooker that is the best solar cooker for frying and grilling.

I am a vegetarian. Can I prepare only vegetables?
Of course. Stewing, baking or grilling - vegetables or meat – taste is always perfect

How long does it take to cook food?
Depending upon your food and the weather outside your cooking times will vary.
On a clear day, cooking can be accomplished in equal or even faster than traditional methods of cooking.

My worry is that food will not be cooked properly, since temperatures are not high enough to kill all the germs.
Very wrong! SunGrill is capable of generating high temperatures very quickly. In Zurich (47°22 North) we measured about 300°C inside the dish.

Can I sterilize water in SunGrill?
Yes. Water can be brought very quickly to a boil. (In Zurich, it took about 7 minutes for 1 liter water). A little-known fact is that to make water safe to drink, it only has to be pasteurized, not sterilized. Pasteurization takes place at 65°C for 20 minutes. This treatment kills all human disease pathogens, but doesn't waste the energy and time needed to bring the water to a boil. Most important reason that people are told to boil their water is that thermometers are not available in many places and the boiling action serves as the temperature indicator.

Do I need special pots for cooking?
No, you do not need any pots at all. Pot is already incorporated in the SunGrill and is made of the highest quality food grade INOX steel.

How durable is SunGrill?

SunGrill is made from the best available materials and is of the highest quality. It is light but robust. We are proud that our mirrors are among the best in the world. Designed for the tough outdoors, specialty polished aluminium sheets are optimal. A ceramic nano transparent coating gives to the mirrors durable protection against the effects of the weather, corrosion and mechanical influences. They are scratch and heat resistant as well as easy to clean. Even after many thousand hours of the toughest corrosion tests, practically no deterioration is perceptible in the reflection effect.

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